Awesome Sound

Few bands on Earth are as polarizing as experimental rockers Ween. Sometimes they’re seen as a joke or met with an “I don’t get this”, but in the right room with the right people a reference to The Boognish can make strangers into the closest of friends. On THIS show Matt Warry-Smith tries to convince Nicholas Tristan that Ween is, in fact, the best band in the world. Join them on their album-by-album (in order of “listenability”) adventure deep into the heart of the very brown world of Ween.

Episode 3: 12 Golden Country Greats
The boys head on down to Nashville (not literally) to discuss Ween’s country album (literally)! 1996’s 12 Golden Country Greats proves to be the most contentious album to date, with many discussions revolving around some of its more controversial lyrics. Matt flop-sweats while talking homophobia to Nick, Nick talks conservative vs. liberal country artists, and Nick and Matt tell Nazi Ween fans to fuck off.