We record our podcasts in popular Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) software like ProTools and Ableton Live. We record through portable audio interfaces like the Roland StudioCapture and Steinberg UR44 to facilitate field recordings, occasionally with high quality preamplifiers like the Focusrite ISA One and Universal Audio 710d. We use Shure, Rode, AKG and Neumann Microphones. We record our podcasts at 192 kHz sampling rate, with either 24 or 32 bit resolution. Compressors, EQs and mastering plugins from Avid, Ableton, Waves Audio and more are used to make our podcasts sound professional, clear and loud on any sound system, be it laptop speakers, mobile phone speakers, iPod headphones, or any high fidelity playback system.


We help artists make music at all levels of the creation pipeline, whether it's by lending our own musical capabilities to a project, contributing our time, expertise and equipment to the recording and mixing phase, or by helping with any other aspect of production. We use a lot of the same equipment listed above for podcasting, but with a wider selection of microphones to facilitate the right sound for the right song. We use microphones like the Shure sm7b, Shure 57, Shure Beta52, Rode NT1A, Rode N5 pencil condensers, Electro-Voice RE20,  AEA R88 Ribbon Microphone, Audio Technica AT2020, Audio Technica AT4040, and many more depending on the needs of the song and sound!


We also help facilitate music and comedy events in the Greater Toronto Area, so keep your peelers peeled for such events here!