Mother May I Podcast With Danger?

Join host Nicholas Tristan and a rotating slew of guests as they traverse the exciting, scintillating, and not shown in theatres world of made-for-TV movies! From Movies of the Week to movies that never should have been made, this show talks about it all!

Episode 6: "Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark"

Special Guest: David Lane

In this episode, we attempt to answer the age-old question: Are you a Mega Shark, or are you a Mecha Shark? All-around musical lad David Lane joins Nick to delve into the exciting world of Syfy original movies, and the oeuvre of mockbuster studio The Asylum. While the boys jump in with the third installment in the Mega Shark franchise, overall they don’t feel like they missed much. Nick and David discuss the stupidity of Batman’s origins, delve into film editing history with a diversion on the Kuleshov Effect, and revel in the simple joys of Actual Scientist Debbie Gibson.

Episode 5: "The Peanut Butter Solution"

Special Guest: Bethany Daniels

Well, we’re five episodes in and we’ve already broken the format! Here is a movie...not made for television! But because so many children saw this film on television and were horrifically traumatized by it, we’re making an exception! Nick is joined by fellow Over Easy Airwaves podcaster Bethany Daniels to experience the fever dream that is the Quebecois children film “The Peanut Butter Solution”. Nick and Bethany discuss the organized cruelty of children, the film’s delightfully outrageous French villain, and the brilliance of early career Celine Dion.

Episode 4: “The Triangle”

Special Guest: Matt Warry-Smith

Hope you don’t spook easily, otherwise this “The Shining on a boat” made-for-TV movie will have you shiverin’ up a storm! To get to the heart of the TBS Superstation original film The Triangle, Nick goes straight to the source: his comedy partner and all-around good dude Matt Warry-Smith, who starred in the film as “Ghost Boi”. In addition to much, much discussion on the precise nature of his ghost boy character, Nick and Matt discuss if the Gabriel Byrne film “Ghost Ship” ripped this off, Matt’s dad being the famed Pokemon Mr. Mime, and Matt’s ongoing rivalry with legendary chanteuse Rihanna.

Episode 3: "The Star Wars Holiday Special"

Special Guest: Mark Sanders 

Happy Life Day! Join Nick and special guest Mark Sanders as they journey into the bizarrest corner of the Star Wars universe, the much-reviled Star Wars Holiday Special! We’re not the first podcast to cover this bizarre phenomenon, but we try to genuinely appreciate its weirdness. But when you stare into the abyss, sometimes the abyss is full of interminable musical numbers and sub-Vaudeville comedy. Nick and Mark discuss the death of variety shows, join the Bea Arthur fan club, and Nick reveals his long-standing distaste for Boba Fett.

Episode 2: "Gifted Hands: The Band Carson Story"

Special Guest: Bri Krushelnicki

Are Cuba Gooding Jr. and failed Presidential candidate and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson two great tastes that taste great together? Nick and special guest Bri Krushelnicki get to the bottom of this, all the while being unable to call the film by its real title (Gentle Hands? Good Hands? Whatever). Bri and Nick are unimpressed by Ben’s useless older brother, speculate about the number of bizarre accents in the film, and imagine a better movie centred around Dr. Ben Carson’s mom. The episode is as crazy fun as Ben Carson is crazy!

Episode 1: “Liz & Dick” 

Special Guest: Alysha Anderson

On this inaugural episode of Mother, May I Podcast With Danger? Nick is joined by noted shit-artist Alysha Anderson to analyze a masterwork of shit-art: the Lifetime Original Movie Liz & Dick. The turbulent life and love of these two superstars has never been more confusing and uninteresting! Nick and Alysha talk about the film’s truly awful editing, unironically cheerlead for Richard Burton’s brother Ifor, and dream of an alternate version starring Fran Drescher as Liz.