The Talk

The Talk is a podcast about communication and sex. Host Bethany Daniels brings on a variety of guests and covers topics relating to the sex industry, sex work, relationships, and all the different ways that people navigate sex.

The Talk Episode 3: "Sex Work"

Special Guest: Carlee

Today on The Talk, Bethany brings in former full-service sex worker Carlee to discuss fantasies, taboo desires and how to tell your parents you've picked up a side hustle. CONTENT WARNING: This episode discusses rape fantasies.







The Talk Episode 2: "A Case For Waiting With Foxie"

Special Guest: Susan Fox

Synopsis: On episode 2 of The Talk, Bethany sits down with Personal Motivator & Career Mentor Susan Fox to discuss spirituality, self-exploration and intimacy.

The Talk Episode 1: “Buying Sex Toys”

Special Guest: Pam Goldsworthy

Synopsis: On this very first episode of The Talk With Bethany, our intrepid host Bethany sits down Pam Goldsworthy of Condom Shack fame to discuss the Do's and Don'ts of buying sex toys. Strap on your jammy pack!