Zeitguys! With Nick & Matt

Join hosts Nicholas Tristan and Matt Warry-Smith and a rotating cast of layabouts, roustabouts, and roundabouts in a free-form roundtable discussion of topics ranging from snow globes to Bruce Willis. You probably won’t learn anything, but there are worse ways to spend an hour. 

Zeitguys Episode 3: "Sports"

Special Guest: Dan Warry-Smith

On this very special second episode of Zeitguys, Matt and Nick welcome a new member of the Zeitguys family; Matt’s actual family, his brother Dan. What is the best sport? What is the worst sport? These questions are not definitively answered, as they are subjective. Dan waxes poetic about baseball, Nick teaches us about Sufi Islam, and Matt yells “Sports!” a lot.

Zeitguys Episode 2: "2017 Oscar Spectacular"

On this very special Oscars Spectacular, Matt and Nick discuss the very non-controversial and smooth sailing 2017 Oscars! From the red carpet to the shitshow of a finale, the Zeitguys lead you through the glitz and glamor of Hollyweird’s favorite night! Matt is obsessed with the idea of jazz robots, Nick is unable to clap due to a preexisting condition, and the boys love discuss what films they have and have not seen