Welcome to Over Easy Airwaves!


Hello friends. We are so excited to be live, and on the air! We’ve been busy little bees preparing #content for you, and now in the Year of Our Lord 2017 we are ready to both rock AND roll!

What content can you expect from Over Easy Airwaves? Well, we’ve split our labour into three distinct categories.


We are launching with five podcasts. Wow! Can you believe the sheer amount of #content?

Our weekly podcasts are Concepts and The Talk with Bethany.

Concepts is hosted by Nicholas Tristan and Matt Warry-Smith, and it’s an exploration of concept albums: what makes a concept album, what are classic examples of the genre, and best of all: et cetera. We launch with a look at the seminal 2004 pop-punk relic of our adolescence: Green Day’s American Idiot.

The Talk with Bethany is hosted by intrepid “sexpert” Bethany Daniels, and deals with the realms of sex and communication. Bethany talks to other “sexperts”, sex professionals, and sex-interested individuals throughout Toronto to try to get a better insight into sex. What is sex? Has anyone had it before? We’ll find out!

We have two podcasts that run every two weeks! Awesome Sound! and Mother, May I Podcast With Danger?

Awesome Sound! is a podcast about the music of American experimental rock group Ween. Also hosted by Nicholas Tristan and Matt Warry-Smith, the podcast is an attempt to get everyone as obsessed with the music of Ween as Matt is. Matt guides Nick, and by extension the audience, through Ween’s discography from their most accessible to their brownest. We start this week with their 2000 masterpiece, White Pepper.

Mother, May I Podcast with Danger? is an exploration of the wonderful and thrilling world of Made-for-TV movies, hosted by Nicholas Tristan. Some are good, most are bad, but Nick and an honoured guest will talk through the film with a dose of joviality and good humour. This week, we launch with shit artist Alysha Anderson joining Nick to talk about Lifetime’s campy Liz & Dick.

Our fifth and final launch podcast is Zeitguys! With Nick and Matt. Zeitguys! is a look at the pop culture of the day with assorted Over Easy personalities and friends of the network! We open on a look at Disney, with singer and Over Easy pal David Lane joining hosts Nicholas Tristan and Matt Warry-Smith. Zeitguys airs whenever we feel like it, okay? GET OFF OUR BACKS.


We’re currently working on a number of Over Easy supported albums, in the meantime check out some DIY releases our team has been a part on our music page.


Audio is great and all, but what about adding pictures to these dang old sounds? Well, thanks to magic of something I like to call “videography”, we now have the technology to synchronise moving pictures AND audio. And what video content do we have for you?

Field Notes is a series of live videos shot in interesting locations throughout Toronto. Featuring some of Toronto’s best and brightest young musicians, Field Notes is a chance to hear great music in cool locales. If you’re interested in having Over Easy Airwaves film your project for Field Notes, contact us at info@overeasyairwaves.com.

Date Night is a web series that ties into our amazing monthly comedy night, Date Night Comedy. Written and starring Bethany Daniels and Laura Leibow, the two comedians talk love, sex, and other topics while bumming around Toronto’s iconic Condom Shack.

We’ll also be launching our combination talk show and artist tribute, Sunday Showcase, with an episode paying tribute to Canadian icon Joni Mitchell.

And that’s it! That’s what we’re launching with. We’ll keep y’all in the loop as we come up with more fun and exciting stuff. We’re so thrilled to be working in this community with Toronto’s best and brightest, and rest assured: This is just the beginning.


Nicholas Tristan, Producer, Over Easy Airwaves